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Creative Project Hypersleep: My Testimony

So, if you listened to yesterday's episode of the podcast, titled  The Weekly Waffle: I Wish He'd Kept it to Himself , or you saw my notice earlier this past week on Twitter, you'll know about this thing called  Creative Project Hypersleep , of which I volunteered to be a part. Now, also if you've listened the podcast, you'll know that I'm not a very good extemporaneous speaker. When I try it, the words often come out muddled, tongue-tied, boarding on the incoherent. I've known this since I was a kid. However, as a coping mechanism, I discovered years ago that if I worked out a vague outline of what I wanted to say, then when it came time to talk, I'd sound more fluid and articulate than I actually am. Thus, in preparation of recording my segment (If it gets used, of course—Chris Vandyke, who's running this operation, has the final say), I did just that.  Of course, the written word and the spoken word are two different languages (to paraphrase Isaac

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