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Announcing: All Our Forms: A Shifter Anthology

In December of 2021, my fellow writer, Nikki Mitchell, got in touch with the core cohort of writers with whom she'd wormed on the previous anthology. The New Normal , of which I was lucky enough to be a part. She said the itch to do another one had come back, so she got us organized (something usually akin to herding cats), to do another charity anthology. The result: In All Our Forms: A Shifter Anthology. At the time when this offer came through, I was at the beginning of revising my novel-in-progess and was a bit reticent about going back to short stories. The trio of books I'd been involved with at the start of 2021 had left me semi-exhausted and anxious about my ability to write them. But, once we'd agreed to all write stories about shape-shifters, an old idea I'd been toying with came back to me. My story "Aisling," like a lot of my anthology tales, predates the anthology. Set in the same fantasy world as my novel, the main character is a fema

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