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Announcing: Nature Fights Back

Hello Funny People, Apologies for this extra post, but I have one final publication announcement for this year of 2023. And it's one that's going to help a good cause. (Don’t worry, I'll keep this brief.) Next Wednesday, December 13th 2023 , a long in-progrsss anthology will finally see the light of day. The writing cohort that brought you The New Normal in 2021 and In All Our Forms last year, under Nikki Mitchell's guiding hand, will release a third compendium titled Nature Fights Back .  Like the two previous books, Nature  is a themed anthology, every sale of which will go to support a deserving charitable organization agreed upon by all parties involved. This go-around, Nikki challenged each of us to write a story centered on the broad theme of "nature fighting back," stories of the natural world reclaiming what once belonged to it in some way. Beyond a word count limit of 10k, we had few limits on what we could do—which, in hindsight, may have

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